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UniMac Rolls out OPTidry for UniMac UniLinc Dryers


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The weather at the Clean Show was hot...

...but the hottest news in the Convention Center was by UniMac with the introduction of their new OPTidry™ moisture sensing system on their tumbers.

OPTidry™ stands for Over-Dry Prevention Technology. Operators, managers, engineers, and owners all agree that over-drying ends up costing your operation thousands of dollars in wasted energy and lost labor productivity. UniMac recognized the problem of over-drying and resolved it...

...OPTidry™ is the most accurate method to detect moisture in a dryer that has ever been introduced!

This exclusive cost cutting edge innovation utilizes the drying tumbler's lifters as the sensors. Running the entire depth of the cylinder, you get up to 267 times more surface area sensing for moisture levels than any other competitor. The sensors relay the dryness levels to a maintenance-free rotary transfer switch, which does not require brushes or hard contact.

What does this mean to you?

Simple, there are no more “judgement calls” when it comes to reaching a desired level of moisture retention in your linens. You set the level of moisture to be retained in any of one to forty different levels. Then, when that level is reached the dryer automatically stops. OPTidry™ allows you to "step-dry" your goods; you can use a high heat until the load is half-dry, then lower the temperature for the remainder of the cycle automatically!

OPTidry™ can reduce your utility costs, minimize labor costs, and lengthens the life of your linens. Over-drying has been shown in a lab test to cause 31% more fiber loss than if you use OPTidry™ to manage the cycle.

With all of these reasons to save money what are you waiting for? Contact your local Southeastern Sales Representative today and see how we can help cut costs in your laundry operation.

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