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Southeastern Laundry Equipment is a full-service distributor of laundry equipment. We have the resources and suppliers to outfit your laundry operation with all the ancillary equipment that you need to make your laundry smoothly and efficiently.

The products listed below are our most popular, but by no means is this list a complete representation of our entire product line. Please contact a sales representative for these and any other of our other products that may not have been featured.

Water Heaters

Hamilton LogoHamilton Engineering provides commercial and light industrial water heating systems. They manufacture energy-saving hot water heaters for commercial coin laundries. If you are concerned about utility consumption and the costs associated to your bottom line, then Hamilton Engineering can help. With twenty-five years of experience in the coin laundry industry, they are able to customize their products for your facility. Using their CompSize program a properly sized system will lower your monthly gas bill, increase your profits, and alleviate potential problems associated with over-sizing and short cycling as well as under-sizing a hot water heater.

A.O. Smith LogoWe also provide A.O. Smith water heaters and when it comes to high efficiency water heaters, no one comes close to their expertise and innovation. Whether you need a gas, electric, or even a solar panel water heater, A.O. Smith has what you need. Complete with high efficiency ratings and groundbreaking designs, these models are part of a new era in water heating.

Navien LogoWhen it comes to a tankless water heater there are only a few that have earned the Energy Star Partner® Rating and still fewer attain a 98% condensing rating. Navien has achieved both! By heating water on-demand, you have the opportunity to save on heating costs like never before. Using an ultra-efficient burner, which uses less gas, resulting in a reduction of harmful emissions it is better for you and the environment. With stainless-steel heat exchangers, a built-in circulation pump and dual microprocessors you can rest assured that your hot water needs are going to be taken care of.

Laundry Carts

Dandux LogoEvery laundry has to have a way to transport soiled goods to the washers, from the washers to the dryers, then from the dryers to their storage. CR Daniels Inc. / Dandux have manufactured laundry carts for years. With a wide range of bushel sizes and constructed of heavy-duty canvas or the yellow Glosstex™ material. With many options of cart configurations, sizes, and specific jobs, we are able to match the right one with your operation.


Property sizing load sized in your washer-extractors can increase productivity, wash quality, and equipment operation. When your laundry staff weight the goods prior to loading you will avoid under-loading which may mean overtime, become very costly. In addition, the chemicals injected into the washer-extractor are measured for a full load, and when a load is balanced then the highest extraction speed possible can be achieved easily. With that said it makes sense to use a scale for everyday use in your laundry.

Cardinal LogoCardinal Scales have proven their accuracy and durability in a laundry environment for well over sixty years. Cardinal Scales provide many different types of scales from small basket-style all the way to industrial in-floor models. Southeastern Laundry Equipment is proud to be a distributor of Cardinal scale and we are able to provide the best possible pricing and service them in the field.

Lint Collectors

Energenics LogoLint collection is often overlooked in a laundry operation that is until there is a fire or mechanical failure to equipment vital to airflow. Energenics has manufactured lint collectors since 1974 and trough experience and engineering now manufacture over 45 different models of lint collectors that accumulate dryer exhaust form 500 to 40,000 cfm. These lint filters have been sold worldwide. Energenitics manufactures both "wet" and "dry" style filter fabricated of both fiberglass and stainless steel. Please contact a sales representative to assist you in choosing the right model and size for your operation.

Drain Troughs

H-M Company LogoH-M Company has been solving the needs of draining water from laundry equipment since 1992. Manufactured in Ohio, H-M found the need in the laundry industry to deal with getting rid of water from a washer or washers quickly so that the production of goods being processed can continue without lengthening drain times. H-M Drain troughs are made of ¼" polypropylene material each features a filter that can be lifted out and cleaned to keep your drain as clear as possible.

Steam Tunnels

Colomac LogoColmac Industries is a 50+ year old manufacturing company. Colmac houses its corporate headquarters, research and development, and productions facilities in Colville, Washington. Colmac has been the major producer of tunnel finishers, high production shirt and pants presses, and hangering systems. Depending of your production needs, plant space, and type of material processed, Colmac is certain to have the right steam-finishing tunnel for you.

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