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GA Braun

GA Braun Dryers

GA Braun dryers have stood the test of time and your laundry.

As a stand-alone unit or a key component in a fully automated system G.A. Braun dryers are able to meet the needs of your facility and surpass your expectations. With innovative features and the benefits to make your operations a success, take the time to check out these dryers and compare them to any other on the market. Southeastern Laundry Equipment has the experience and expertise to support any of these products so you can rest assured that the experience of a G.A. Braun product would be a pleasant one.

Braun 250 PT, 500PT & 700PT Dryers

  • GA Braun Pass Through DryerBraun PT Pass Thru Dryers are available in capacities of 250, 500, and 700lbs
  • Made here in the U.S.A with G.A. Braun engineering which will yield years of dependable, productive service
  • Microprocessor controls are fully programmable, accurate to one degree and completely self-diagnostic
  • Sensors monitor both inlet and outlet temperatures and the microprocessor makes adjustments instantly to the save energy and time by making precise flame adjustments to keep the dryer environment at its programmed temperature
  • Braun's on-board lint collector employs a combination of compressed air blow down, mechanical sweep and vacuum for efficient automatic removal of lint
  • Easy access to the lint collector basket for maintenance
  • Swing-out door design, which allows for easy access to the dryer basket and seals for maintenance and inspection
  • Simple drive train for easy adjustments and a large polychain belt that ensures years of reliable power transmission
  • These units have the ability to operate as stand-alone units or a key component in a fully automated system.

Braun 123h Series Dryers

  • GA Braun 123H DryerAvailable in capacities of up to 425lb capacity and is favored among linen suppliers, larger hospitals, hotels, diaper services and industrial plants where 400lb loads are standard
  • Automatic Temperature-Based Moisture Sensing Control prevents restarts and over-drying
  • Norco Ring Design Burner assures uniform heat distribution with lint-free design and no moving parts
  • Heavy 11-guage Burner Duct System evenly mixes incoming air to prevent hot spots
  • Vari-Air Damper System accelerates heat transfer into load, lowering exhaust volume and temperature
  • Self-Cleaning Positive Air Flow blowers draw controlled air volume through load, regardless of size
  • Large Door Opening
  • Hydraulic Tilt of 20 degrees back and up to 18 degrees forward for easy loading and unloading
  • Complete Fireye Flame Safety Protection System
  • Pressure Type Safety Switch prevents burner ignition without exhaust and combustion blowers operating
  • Automatic fire suppression system is standard on all Braun dryers

Braun P-Series Dryers

  • GA Braun Pass Through DryerThese dryers are available in 440lb and 660lb capacities, and combines easy-to-use operation with maximum drying efficiency.
  • A unique "A" frame design combined with the industry's largest door opening allow for easy loading and unloading from either side
  • All P-Series dryers allow programming of up to 99 drying formulas
  • Heavy-duty 16" drive support wheels which operate free of the heat zone
  • The P-Series dryers feature a No-tilt pass through design
  • Microprocessor controlled modulating gas valve which maintains basket temperatures accurately through the entire drying cycle
  • Computerized controls are fully programmable and completely self-diagnostic
  • Central Lint Vacuum System
  • Designed for easy access to all components to simplify maintenance

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