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GA Braun

GA Braun Washers and Washer-Extractors

GA Braun has answered the call for high quality washers and washer-extractors with the ability to process high volumes of goods.

There are three main types of washers. The first is a Batch Tunnel Washer System. The second is an open pocket washer-extractor, and the third is side-load or split pocket washer-extractor. Each system has its own features and benefits. With any G.A. Braun product you will receive the full support and help that you have come to expect from Southeastern Laundry Equipment.

Braun SmoothFlow™ Batch Tunnel Washer System

GA Braun Tunner WasherG.A. Braun manufactures all of their equipment right here in the USA.

  • A fully automated tunnel washer will keep quality and productivity paramount
  • The Braun Tunnel Washer delivers consistently clean goods with error-free batch transfer
  • A one-piece, single-drum design that has consistently proven itself in hundreds of installations worldwide
  • The Braun design incorporates unrestricted counter flow in the main wash zone and separately in the rinse zone
  • Savings are maximized through internal water and energy recovery, maintaining controlled water temperatures and chemical concentrations within each wash zone
  • The Braun SmoothFlow Batch Press Extractor uses advanced hydraulics to maximize the extraction efficiency and minimize drying time
  • A nesting shuttle then either carries extracted materials to the appropriate dryer
  • The entire operation of the Braun Tunnel, shuttles, and dryers is managed from one Master Control Station using Braun's Data Management software
  • The software links the microprocessor controls of each machine so a single PC which you can program, control and monitor the real-time operations
  • You may also integrate multiple client PC's into the system so the all of these functions can be controlled from other locations

Braun Open Pocket Washer-Extractors

  • GA Braun Washer 650N2Available in capacities of 200, 450, and 650 lb's
  • Braun Open Pocket washer-extractors are designed to meet the productivity and capacity requirements of your specific operation
  • The 450lb and 650lb machines offer the largest processing capacity in the industry per allocation of floor space
  • Standard Two-way tilting for easy loading and unloading
  • Mounted on Braun Neutron Suspension for a vibration free workplace
  • Automatically balanced load in extraction eliminates costly wet clusters
  • Can be easily integrated into a fully-automated, complete laundry system
  • Microprocessor controls for easy operation and full programmability
  • Every G.A. Braun machine is engineered for ease of maintenance to reduce repair costs and down time
  • For fully automated systems an auto-load chute allows loading of washer-extractors from an overhead rail

Braun Washer-Extractors

Braun TSL Series

  • GA Braun TSL SeriesBraun TSL washer-extractors come in two and three pocket configurations in capacities of 200, 400, and 600 lbs
  • The TSL Series is designed and engineered to work with gravity to speed loading and unloading
  • Each model rests on Braun Neutron® Suspension to isolate vibration from the work place
  • Air-operated, type 316 stainless steel water valves
  • Clean room air intake
  • Microprocessor Controls for easy programmability and versatility
  • Also available with options such as water re-use. Variable Speed Drive (VSD), stainless steel cylinder, and others

Braun EL Series

  • GA Braun End LoaderThe Braun End Loader (EL) Washer-Extractor is a heavy-duty dependable workhorse available in 100, 200, 300, and 400 lb models
  • Simple drive system design keeps your repair costs low and down time to a minimum
  • The Braun Neutron® suspension keeps vibration to a minimum in the work place
  • Microprocessor controls for easy programmability and versatility

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