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Ozone Systems

Ozone systems are not new. In fact, over the past forty years there have been many companies and manufactures that have tried to harness the power of the benefits of Ozone to clean and sanitize laundry products. The concept of Ozone is very simple, but making it effective and efficient has been a goal for many years.

ArtiCleanThere are a number of different ways to introduce Ozone to your laundry, but the science and safety has remained a question. That is until ArtiClean introduced its Ozone generating systems and took the laundry industry by storm. ArtiClean feature "Plasmatics" Ozone Generators. It is the first Ozone generator specifically designed to be used in laundries.

What is Ozone

LightningOzone, commonly referred to as "Nature's Sanitizer" is an unstable molecule that naturally purifies the atmosphere. Ozone is produced when a high-energy source, such as lightning, splits a normal oxygen (O2) molecule, and they are reformed as three parts of oxygen (Tri-Atomic Oxygen) or O3. The bond between the normal molecule of oxygen (O2) and this additional atom of oxygen is weak and unstable, allowing this molecule to virtually attack and neutralize almost anything organic. This instability makes Ozone such a strong oxidizer and sanitizer.

Ozone is the strongest-reproducible sanitizer known to man. It is renewable and is used in many industries that affect us daily. It is almost exclusively used by the bottled water industry. Ozone in solution destroys algae and bacteria to be able to purify drinking water without the strong chorine aftertaste. It also is used by the fruit and vegetable industry to kill bacterial and fungus, and in the food processing industry to kill bacteria such as e-Coli. It has been proven in numerous tests that in high enough concentrations, Ozone is very effective in killing bacteria and virus such as: HIV and Hepatitis, plus the new Superbugs: C.Diff, Aspergillus niger, and MRSA.

What is Ozone Laundry

ArtiClean AW Series SinksOzone laundry has many benefits that make it so attractive. Apart from its sanitizing properties, Ozone helps to soften the linen and aids in it whitening, and it gives that "clothesline fresh" smell to your linen. By Ozonating water, you may save as much as 95% of hot water consumed by your laundry equipment and your drying times can be reduced by 10 to 30%. Thus this is where you can really "green" up your facility.

Because Ozone is much more reactive than chorine, especially in combination with reducing a rinse or more, wash cycles times can be reduced by 10 to 30%. For a larger hotel or healthcare facility, this can mean the difference between overtime and having your laundry done in a single shift.

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