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UniLinc™ Controller

New! Industry-Exclusive! Now you have a partner in the laundry room!

UniLinc ControllerMonitoring the productivity of your laundry staff and simplifying your operation is essential for reducing labor costs. With UniMac's UniLinc™ controller, you now have the partner in your facility every day. UniLinc™ can create detailed reports that shows you exactly what processes are - and are not - being followed every day in your laundry department. It can even network with multiple machines and multiple locations to give you central management ability. Nobody else can give you this piece of mind!

There are many areas of productivity improvement that UniLinc™ can help you identify. The key to this management tool is a "real-time clock" in the computer. UniLinc can produce five different detailed reports - each of which contain different data on your UniMac's use, progress, and repair in your laundry.


  • UniLinc™ uses a real-time clock that constantly monitors the machine activity and provides comprehensive reports.
  • You will be able to clearly see the machine's cycles, alarms, and down time - all with an unbiased narrative.
  • UniLinc™ can quickly produce reports on whether housekeeping productivity is meeting your goals.
  • The interface is easy to understand, visual, and is available in multiple languages.
  • The maintenance module can help easily and quickly identify alarms, exactly the time of day they occurred, and how the cycle concluded.
  • UniLinc™ will also notify your engineering staff when crucial "preventative maintenance" needs to be performed.
  • The diagnostic mode is comprehensive and easy to navigate.
  • UniLinc comes with drain leak detection, which can alert you to potential costly utility loss.

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